Using PostgreSQL transactions through MS Access? 
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 Using PostgreSQL transactions through MS Access?

Drop the semicolon at the end of the string.  In this context, it's not needed
to tell where the end of the statement is.

You might want to use a parameterized stored procedure that does multiple
updates inside a transaction.  You would invoke the stored procedure via
mdb.Execute, as per your example.


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Subject:  [GENERAL] Using PostgreSQL transactions through MS Access?

I am trying to update my database with a big transaction so I don't get
an invalid state.  My front end is in Access 97.  Is there anyone out
there who does this that could tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Here's my

queryString = "BEGIN TRANSACTION;"
mdb.Execute queryString, dbSQLPassThrough

It tells me that it's an "Invalid SQL Statement".  It seems like Access
is trying to parse it instead of sending it on to the DB server.  I
thought that the dbSQLPassThrough was supposed to stop that.  Does
anyone know where I went wrong?

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Sat, 10 Jan 2004 01:47:18 GMT
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