COPY command error in psql. 
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 COPY command error in psql.


I'm trying to import tables in psql but am getting a permission denied
error. I'm using the '\i file' command as I intend to import 100+ tables
and want to set this up to run overnight (almost 1 GB of data is going in).

My test for this is not working. I have a 'batch' file the contents of
which are (at the moment) only:

COPY ab FROM '/home/ms/db/csv/AB.csv'

Table 'ab' exists as does the csv file and I am logged in as 'postgres'.

I am getting this error when I run "\i batchfile":

psql:batchfile:1: Error: Copy command, running in backend with effective
uid 26, could not open file '/home/ms/db/csv/AB.csv' for reading. Errorno =
permission denied (13).

Now I understand why this happened the first time I ran the command as only
user 'ms' had any kind of permission for AB.csv. But the same error
happened after I changed permissions to allow read, write and execute
access for user, group and others. Finally I changed AS.csv's ownership and
group to user 'postgres' and got the same error.

Anyone know how to resolve this?



PS. I don't want to use '\copy' as I can't use this with a batch file to
import lots of tables.

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Sat, 25 Sep 2004 21:42:35 GMT
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