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I have an update on this.

I thought I should at least attempt to bother the Sun support
organisation about this poor state of affairs, i.e - a 7 year known
performance problem with their qsort.

I got the response I am used to getting from commercial support
organisations :-(  


"yep it performs poorly, but we dont think its going to be changed in
the near future..."

what I thought was a reasonable summary of the situation.

I recieved (with some surprise I must say) a message from

to the effect that Sun taking the feedback on board and would modify the
qsort library (bugfix #4489885 for those of you who know who to track
these...I dont - but wouldnt mind knowing...) making patches available
for Solaris 2.6 -> 2.9 in about 4 weeks or so.

I'll keep you posted ...

regards in (pleasant) surprise


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Sat, 25 Sep 2004 16:42:00 GMT
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