backup / restore problem 
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 backup / restore problem

Dear all,

I am trying to restore a backup of database created by
pg_dump. But I got the following error, no matter I
use command a or b.
Why pg_restore try to create stuff while data only
option is given?

--- log ---

command (a)
su -l pgsql -c "pg_restore -d db01
command (b)
su -l pgsql -c "pg_restore -a -d db01

NOTICE:  CREATE TABLE/PRIMARY KEY will create implicit
index 'acid_event_pkey' for table 'acid_event'
Archiver(db): Could not execute query. Code = 7.
Explanation from backend: 'ERROR:  Relation
'acid_event' already exists

--- log ---

Thanks for your help,

Vincent Chen

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Sun, 19 Sep 2004 04:18:13 GMT
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