WinNT, Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL woes 
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 WinNT, Apache, PHP, PostgreSQL woes


I am running Apache 1.3.12, PHP 4.0.4 (as an Apache module), Mod perl 1.25
and MySQL 3.23.33 all on WinNT4.0w/s.

Now I am trying to switch to PostgreSQL. I have version 7.10.
Postgres is installed and working fine. However, when I add the
php-pgsql.dll extension to the PHP.ini file, it all goes very bad.

Apache crashes on every attempt to use php if this extension is in place,
regardless of whether it is an attempt to run a pgsql function or not.

Has anyone come across such a thing on this setup who can help me work out
what's up?


Sat, 10 Jan 2004 14:09:56 GMT
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