Fw: Missing file from CVS? 
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 Fw: Missing file from CVS?

Heres a patch which will create the sql_help.h file if it doesn't already
exist using an installed copy of perl. I've tested it using perl v5.6.1 from
ActiveState and all appears to work.

Can someone commit this for me, or throw back some comments.



--- src/bin/psql/win32.mak      2002/10/29 04:23:30     1.11



+REFDOCDIR= ../../../doc/src/sgml/ref
 # Begin Custom Macros
 # End Custom Macros

-ALL : "$(OUTDIR)\psql.exe"
+ALL : sql_help.h "$(OUTDIR)\psql.exe"


    $(CPP_PROJ) $<
+sql_help.h: create_help.pl


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Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 8:48 PM
Subject: Missing file from CVS?

> All,

> I've just tried to build the Win32 components under Visual Studio's C++
> compiler from the win32.mak CVS archive at

> following file was missing;

> src\bin\psql\sql_help.h

> I've copied the file from the the source tree of version 7.2.3 and the
> compile works with out any problems.

> Should the file be in CVS?

> Al.

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