Problem in User Securities 
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 Problem in User Securities

The default security setup in PG is to allow all connections from localhost,
w/o password. This should be changed. You'll find this in your $PGDATA
directory, in the file pg_hba.conf.

- J.

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> Subject: [ADMIN] Problem in User Securities

> Hello All,

> I am new to Postgres, While I was checking 'User Securities' in postgres I
> got the following problem.

> I created a user using 'createuser' command and gave superuser
> permissions.

> but while accessing database, even if we have not given   '-W' password
> option it is entering into database. So who knows Unix administrator
> password can enter into any database if they know corresponding login name
> and they work with the same permissions..

> And also i observed that even we can enter into template1 with out giving
> any username or password.

> I doubt there will be a way to restrict this.

> Can any body help me regarding this.

> Thanks alot,

> With best Regards
> bhaskararaju

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Fri, 05 Nov 2004 21:11:10 GMT
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