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 SSL problems

I've been busy trying to get Bind9 running smoothly with an SSL
connection to a PostgreSQL database. Running it from one computer
(FreeBSD 4.5-STABLE) across the Internet to the server works fine, but
running Bind9 on the same computer as the server (FreeBSD
4.5-RELEASE-p2) fails, with the error generated from the pq library:
"Could not establish SSL connection: No SSL error reported".

I can telnet to the PostgreSQL port fine, so its not a firewalling
issue, and disabling SSL in postgresql.conf remedies the problem
(although it means my remote connections are no longer encrypted). Yes,
I am aware that I could tunnel the remote connections via SSH, but I'd
rather have the native SSL support.

On a somewhat related note, is it possible to disable SSL for certain ip
address, while enabling it for others? The reason for this is that there
will be some remote and some local TCP connections, and I can see no
reason for encrypting the local TCP connections.

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Mon, 27 Sep 2004 17:56:41 GMT
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