Converting comma-delimited data to tab-delimited 
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 Converting comma-delimited data to tab-delimited


if you just want to replace all commas by tabs, try this one:

perl -ne 's/,/\t/g; print $_;' file.csv >

mfg Frank.

On 31-Mar-02 Randall Perry sat down, thought for a long time and then

> Searched  through the archives and found this perl one-liner that's
> supposed
> to replace commas with tabs in text files.

> It worked in as much as it created the new output file; but the
> output was
> exactly the same as the input.

> Anyone know what's wrong? Or have another way to do this?

> perl -ne 's/^ *"//; s/" *$//; print join("\t", split(/\" *, *\"/))'
> your-table.csv >

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Sun, 19 Sep 2004 04:10:20 GMT
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