pgsql/src backend/parser/analyze.c backend/par ... 
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 pgsql/src backend/parser/analyze.c backend/par ...

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot
Module name:    pgsql

Modified files:
        src/backend/parser: analyze.c gram.y parse_coerce.c
        src/backend/utils/adt: date.c datetime.c numeric.c timestamp.c
        src/include/catalog: catversion.h pg_proc.h
        src/include/utils: date.h timestamp.h
        src/test/regress/expected: horology.out time.out timestamp.out
                                   timestamptz.out timetz.out
        src/test/regress/sql: horology.sql time.sql timestamp.sql
                              timestamptz.sql timetz.sql

Log message:
        Implement precision support for timestamp and time, both with and without
        time zones.
        SQL99 spec requires a default of zero (round to seconds) which is set
        in gram.y as typmod is set in the parse tree. We *could* change to a
        default of either 6 (for internal compatibility with previous versions)
        or 2 (for external compatibility with previous versions).
        Evaluate entries in pg_proc wrt the iscachable attribute for timestamp and
        other date/time types. Try to recognize cases where side effects like the
        current time zone setting may have an effect on results to decide whether
        something is cachable or not.

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