Upcoming PostgreSQL events 
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 Upcoming PostgreSQL events

Attached is the list of the PostgreSQL events in which I am
participating.  There is a new Events section on the front page of the
newly designed PostgreSQL web site, so please check there for updates
and more information.

The Atlanta event is less than a week away, and I will post more
information about my Japan visit when I receive it.

I am still looking for more folks to present at FOSDEM.  We have some
good how-to's, a case study, and some training talks, but I would like
to see more.  If you find a topic interesting, probably others will too.


Atlanta, Georgia, United States:  January 20-24

    I will be giving a 4.5-day training class on PostgreSQL at the Big
    Nerd Ranch:


    I believe this is the most extensive PostgreSQL training class ever
    offered to the public.


Tokyo, Japan:  February 1, 5-7

    I will be involved in a replication discussion with the Japan
    PostgreSQL Users Group (JPUG) on February 1 (date tentative):


    I will also be speaking for SRA on February 4, and at the NET&COM
    conference and in the SRA booth:


    (I will miss February 7 so I can travel to Brussels.)


Brussels, Belgium:  February 8-9

     I will be involved in a two-day PostgreSQL training track as part
     of the FOSDEM conference:


     The main conference URL is:


     I am looking for more speakers for the event.  Presentations can
     include case studies, programming tools, and tips for developers.

  Bruce Momjian                        |   http://www.***.com/

  +  If your life is a hard drive,     |  13 Roberts Road
  +  Christ can be your backup.        |  Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 19073

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