database crash w/missing data [urgent] 
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 database crash w/missing data [urgent]

Yesterday I had a crash that cost me a week's worth of data.  Please not
this may not be the fault of postmaster, but I'm still in a bad way.  We had
some network problems and had to reboot the computer, using /sbin/reboot.
When the computer started up and we ran the postmaster startup script, all
of our databases were acting funny.

100% of the data was gone! From the shell if you went select * from company,
postgres reports 0 tuples! (but returns the schema).  The funny thing was,
if you went \d company, I would get the message 'relation company does not
exist'.  Also, \d would not list the relations.  This was true for all the
relations for all the databases.

Please not I was running fsync off for this database.

Because this database was running our customer management system, I had no
choice but to restore from backup.

Is there any possibility of restoring the missing data?


Sat, 25 Sep 2004 21:36:12 GMT
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