how to get id of last insert on a serial type? 
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 how to get id of last insert on a serial type?

Two quick notes/questions...

1) That would still require me to write a function for each of
   inserts to make sure that the value came back. I can't just

   was inserted, I have to know what sequence was used. The

   know anything about what was actually inserted, just that
   something was.

2) Can I lock the sequence to make sure that another INSERT
   doesn't occur before I select the currval() of the sequence?


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> > one bit that I'm currently having the largest issue with is

> > retrieve the primary key of the last row inserted into a
> > table (assuming the table is using an identity column as the
> > primary key)

> implemented as currval() on the associated sequence.  This is more
> flexible than what you describe for SQL Server, because the
> can be retrieved at any later time in the same session --- as long
> as you don't do another insert into the same table, it's
> still good.

>                    regards, tom lane

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