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 pgsql/src/test/regress expected/horology.out e ...

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Module name:    pgsql

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        src/test/regress/expected: horology.out timestamp.out
        src/test/regress/sql: horology.sql

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        Support alternate storage scheme of 64-bit integer for date/time types.
        Use "--enable-integer-datetimes" in configuration to use this rather
        than the original float8 storage. I would recommend the integer-based
        storage for any platform on which it is available. We perhaps should
        make this the default for the production release.
        Change timezone(timestamptz) results to return timestamp rather than
        a character string. Formerly, we didn't have a way to represent
        timestamps with an explicit time zone other than freezing the info into
        a string. Now, we can reasonably omit the explicit time zone from the
        result and return a timestamp with values appropriate for the specified
        time zone. Much cleaner, and if you need the time zone in the result
        you can put it into a character string pretty easily anyway.
        Allow fractional seconds in date/time types even for dates prior to 1BC.
        Limit timestamp data types to 6 decimal places of precision. Just right
        for a micro-second storage of int8 date/time types, and reduces the
        number of places ad-hoc rounding was occuring for the float8-based types.
        Use lookup tables for precision/rounding calculations for timestamp and
        interval types.  Formerly used pow() to calculate the desired value but
        with a more limited range there is no reason to not type in a lookup
        table. Should be *much* better performance, though formerly there were
        some optimizations to help minimize the number of times pow() was called.
        Define a HAVE_INT64_TIMESTAMP variable. Based on the configure option
        "--enable-integer-datetimes" and the existing internal INT64_IS_BUSTED.
        Add explicit date/interval operators and functions for addition and
        subtraction. Formerly relied on implicit type promotion from date to
        timestamp with time zone.
        Change timezone conversion functions for the timetz type from "timetz()"
        to "timezone()". This is consistant with other time zone coersion
        functions for other types.
        Bump the catalog version to 200204201.
        Fix up regression tests to reflect changes in fractional seconds
        representation for date/times in BC eras.
        All regression tests pass on my Linux box.

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