strange behvaviour in join? BUG in 7.02? 
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 strange behvaviour in join? BUG in 7.02?

I have PSQL 7.02

classic join on Two tables:

select from linia l,lk_strefa2linia lk
where = lk.fk_linia and lk.fk_strefa=5;

gives correct linia.ids.

select from linia l,lk_strefa2linia lk
where = lk.fk_linia and lk.fk_strefa=5;

(the only difference is second word: instead
will give totaly different results).

tables definitions:

mlotdev=> \d lk_strefa2linia
    Table "lk_strefa2linia"
 Attribute |  Type   | Modifier
 fk_strefa | integer | not null
 fk_linia  | integer | not null
Index: lk_strefa2linia_ukey

mlotdev=> \d linia
                             Table "linia"
 Attribute |    Type     |                  Modifier
 id        | integer     | not null default nextval('seq_linia'::text)
 fk_typ    | integer     | not null
 numer     | char(10)    | not null
 status    | char(1)     | not null default '?'
 stamp     | timestamp   | not null default now()
 opis      | varchar(64) | not null
 skrot     | varchar(16) | not null
Index: linia_pkey

Please CC answer to me. Thanx!

radoslaw.stachowiak......................................... http://www.***.com/

Tue, 29 Apr 2003 18:46:09 GMT
 strange behvaviour in join? BUG in 7.02?


> You are actually doing a 3-way join, with linia included twice.
> It is implicitly included a second time when a column is referenced
> from it without the alias.

7.1 will provide a NOTICE that's intended to alert people that such
constructs probably don't do what they're expecting:

regression=# select f.f1, int4_tbl.f1 from int4_tbl f;
NOTICE:  Adding missing FROM-clause entry for table "int4_tbl"

although I wonder whether this will leave the query author any
less confused :-(.

                        regards, tom lane

Tue, 29 Apr 2003 23:03:07 GMT
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