Releases: mSQL-JDBC 1.1a1 and 2.0b1 
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 Releases: mSQL-JDBC 1.1a1 and 2.0b1

mSQL-JDBC 1.1a1 (for JDK 1.1/JDBC 1.2) and mSQL-JDBC 2.0b1 (for JDK
1.2/JDBC 2.0) are now available for download at

mSQL-JDBC is the 100% pure JDBC driver for the mSQL database
engine. It supports binary objects, prepared statements,
multi-threaded connection handling, connection pooling, JNDI data
source lookups, and many other features beyond what mSQL alone

The JDBC 2.0 driver, mSQL-JDBC 2.0b1, supports the full range of JDBC
functionality supportable with mSQL, including scrollable and
updatable result sets.

mSQL-JDBC is OSI Certified Open Source Software under the terms of the
Artistic License. OSI Certified is a registered certification mark of
the Open Source Initiative.


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Wed, 26 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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