ANN: Deliver Data to Excel from Java Servers 
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 ANN: Deliver Data to Excel from Java Servers

Inventure announces: The 'Inventure Data Browser
for Excel'.

Java Enterprise and Web developers can now
deliver dynamic data and interactive analytics
directly to Microsoft Excel 95/97/2000 users (in
GUI form and as in-cell formulas) with no client-
side programming at all and with no knowledge of
Excel/VBA or COM.

Best of all, there is no client-side code to
deploy or maintain. You can support any number of
Excel users inside your corporation or over the
internet from the comfort of your Web Servlets or
Application Server on any platform and write all
your code in 100% Pure Java.

Check out the details at:


and download your free beta copy of
the 'Inventure Data Browser for Excel' from:



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Mon, 17 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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