How can I change LANGDRIVER of table programatically? 
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 How can I change LANGDRIVER of table programatically?

I know it is possible to change 'Table Language'
with 'DbiDoRestructure', BDE API.

And I know I must use CRTblDesc argument.

But I don't know 'pfldOptParams' of CRTblDesc correctly.
I know pfldOptParam^.szName is 'LEVEL' for table version change.
And I know pfldOptParam^.szName is 'BLOCK SIZE'
for table block size change.

Then what keyword is needed for table language change?

I want to change the LANGDRIVER of table to 'Paradox Korea 949'.

If you have any solution, please know me that.

Thank you!

All the best,
Yun SongUk

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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