Turning Type Ahead Off + Compact 
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 Turning Type Ahead Off + Compact

I have spent the last 12 months + developing an VB program as a front end to
a Access 1.1 DataBase. I have two outstanding problems which I would like to

1       I display a pick list of pathology tests in a listbox and the operator
types the first few letters of the testname into a textbox. The listbox displays
a picklist starting with the letters in the textbox - similar to the
windows help search.

However if the operator types too fast the wrong picklist is displayed due to
the next keypress being processed before the current keypress has completed

I have tried to use the form preview to pick up the keypress and build in a
delay but further keypresses are processed during the first key preview delay.

I have tried text1.enabled = false immediatly after the keypress and
text1.enabled = true immediatelly prior to Exit sub in the key press
routine. The result of this on the listbox contents is bizarre.

In my fortran days i could prevent this by turning type ahead off
? is there a similar instruction I could use for this program.

2       I have a routine to compact the data base this worked OK until my
final! debug check and now an error occurrs - data base still open.
This used to work - the only difference is that I have secured the data base
by denying all permissions except for my user and deleted the admin user.
? any clues on what to do?

Kind regards

Trevor Walmsley

Sat, 09 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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