How to connect as user@localhost in mm.mysql on virtual host? 
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 How to connect as user@localhost in mm.mysql on virtual host?

The situation: I have an account on a virtual host (for example say The name of the machine with all accounts is say for
example Let my user name be simply user.

Logging in with the mysql command line tool works fine. Loggin in with
a small php-script works, too, so I assume my MySql-account is fine.

But there is a problem when using java.
I try to get a connection with:
  connectUrl= "jdbc:mysql://localhost/userdb?user=user&password=secret";

connectUrl has the same result. Exchanging "localhost" with

and does not allow me access, too, which I understand.

(using the latest 2.0.8 version, Java2 V1.3 and some RedHat Linux)?

Any help would be appreciated, as installing a new user account under
mysql takes ages from the operator. Or is it the only workaround to

Joe Randstein

Sat, 26 Jun 2004 21:20:19 GMT
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