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 Kill Extra Spaces In Crys

Hi Richard,

RL>        I am creating mailing labels using Crystal Reports, the one
RL>problem which I have encounterd is that i made some address fields
RL>seperate to make Key word searches easier. BUT i have notices that
RL>since i made the city field 10 char. long it pads with blank
RL>spaces...and on a mailing list

RL>Houston                                 ,TX 77032

RL>does not look attractive...other than making the state and zip code
RL>another lin e
RL>is there away to kill the spaces??

You can create a formula field to trim the database field, and then
print that formula in your report and not the database field :
   You can use TrimRight(databasename.databasefield).

For all the string and other functions available for Crystal reports,
check out the help files provided with CRW and the Formula Editor as


Sat, 18 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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