Using DAO 3.5, reading older .mdb files, conversions 
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 Using DAO 3.5, reading older .mdb files, conversions

Hello all;

I have a VB5 app which uses the dao 3.5 library.  Question:
what happens when one opens an older mdb file that is a legacy of a previous
version of jet?

For example, if I open a jet 1.1 file with my vb5 / dao 3.5 application, and
add some data, then close it, will there be any unforseen side effects?

The reason I ask is, recalling the VB3 / Jet 1.1 days, we had the phenomenon
where, if one had the 2.0 compatibility layer installed, then when one
opened a 1.1 file with one's application, occasionally it would be converted
to a 2.0 file format, w/o explicit notification (like if one used the old
compactDatabase method.)

1. My question now is, when one opens an older format MDB with the latest
version of Jet (or through the functionality of the latest DAO object
library), what routinely happens?   Will a 1.1 MDB file remain a 1.1 file
after it is closed again? Does DAO 3.5 "do anything" to the format of older
files like this, or does it just handle them transparently?  (Assuming only
elementary operations are posted to the MDB file, like adding data to
pre-existing tables.)

2. Follow-up question: if file version conversions are not automatic, how to
programmatically force the conversion of an older MDB file to the newest
format, when one *wants* the conversion to take place?


Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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