Data-aware combo control 
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 Data-aware combo control

I am on the verge of releasing a new version of my Visual Basic 3
The only thing stopping it the lack of a data-aware combo control that
works properly.  I have tried 2 products (Crescent and VB Tools 5
(Microhelp) and both have bugs.  
Can anyone recommend a data aware combo  that will run with VB3 under
Win 3.1 and 95?

Thanks for your help


Leigh Wardle

Leigh Wardle, MINCAD Systems Pty. Ltd.

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Post: PO Box 2114 Richmond South, Vic., Australia 3121
Tel.: Intl. +61 3 9427 1085 Fax: Intl. +61 3 9428 1197

Fri, 15 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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