Another date with Crystal HUH !!! 
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 Another date with Crystal HUH !!!

Me AGAIN....

Crystal reports on VB4.0 (16bit) is causing ALL sorts of probs.

Now that I've EVENTUALLY managed to select dates from the form, I can't get
the program to compile!!!  Someone..somewhere doesn't like me!

I've found the article telling to replace the :




 which has been done..but I am also asked for the following files:

pdbbnd.dll      ( which seems to be connected to CR )

cr1m30en.dll    ( seems to be connected to CR also )

there is a file co1m30en.dll in the windows directory ???? Is this the
correct file??

As for pdbbnd.dll can't find anything like it on my system, sob!

ANYONE who has come across these VERY ANNOYING problems could you please
the time to reply, as I am considering to find out if VB and my PC are
waterproof, hammer proof, dropped from a very high building proof etc.....

Thanking you


Mon, 22 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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