Saving a Database...Please Help if you can! 
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 Saving a Database...Please Help if you can!

I have a problem with saving a database.
I am using VB6.

I am creating a inventory lookup program for work.
I have 6 text fields and a listbox.
Information goes in the text boxes and then
after the (ADD button) is pressed only the text
in one of the text boxes (Item Name) is placed
in the list box.

The idea here is to click on one name in the
list box and all of the data for that item
shows up back in the text boxes. Everything works ok.
But, it needs to automatically load the data into
the listbox on startup (Eliminating the need for
(File Open)) And when the (ADD BUTTON) is clicked,
It needs to save the new entry into the index and
display the (Item Name) in the (Listbox).

For some odd reason, I can't figure this out...
Can Somebody help, Please...

Sat, 13 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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