Help, PLEASE: Runtime Error 3173 (Die, Die, Die) 
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 Help, PLEASE: Runtime Error 3173 (Die, Die, Die)

All of a sudden and out of nowhere I am now unable to run my program
code because when I call the DBEngine I get Runtime Error 3173
endlessly.  I regenerated the System.mdw file, even uninstalled and
reinstalled Access 7.0 many times to create a new one.  I cannot
understand this, and have spent two days trying everything I could think
of.  I ran Workgroup Administrator and checked the registry for
SystemDB.  Everything is as it was before this happened, when the
program code ran just fine.

Can anyone out there please take a moment and help me out of this



Wed, 30 Jun 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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