JDBC Explorer hangs on Oracle 8.0.4 
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 JDBC Explorer hangs on Oracle 8.0.4


We are developing some applications in Jave and have some
problems with the Inprise JDBC Explorer (JBuilder 3) in combination
with Oracle.

JDBC Explorer in JBuilder3 hangs when fetching table information
(PK, E, Columns) on a Oracle 8.0.4 database using
the thin JDBC clientdriver for JDK1.1.1 or using
an ODBC-JDBC bridge.

After killing the instance and posting open transactions to
the Oracle database the JDBC explorere becomes 'alive' again.

We are stuck with this problem in the development of new fancy
applications !

Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated !!!


Bernard Stibbe

Mon, 07 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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