Notifying dropped connections to MS SQL 6.5 
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 Notifying dropped connections to MS SQL 6.5


I'm working on an application that is attached to a MS SQL Server 6.5
via ODBC. The server will probably run on a Tandem redundant server, so
even in case of some hardware failure it should be available again within
a few seconds.

My problem is, that I want to prepare my app for dropped connections and
give them the ability to reconnect again automatically and start the last
task again.
I have lots of TQuery.Open- and TQuery.ExecSQL-statements so I tried the

  FOR i:=1 to 1000 do begin
    **create SQL-statement
  end;   // FOR
  on EDBEngineError DO ...

This works fine, if the TQuery-object isn't already connected to the DB
and tries to establish the connection automatically. The exception gets
called after a timeout.

If the TQuery-object was used before and the connection drops, I receive
a EDBEngineError-exception, but my exception handler is not called. No
further messages are dispatched to this application and I have to kill
the thread manually.

Has anybody else experienced this problems? Are there workarounds? Any
help is greatly appreciated!


Thiemo Sammern



Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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