HELP... my BDE is eating all my memory !!! 
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 HELP... my BDE is eating all my memory !!!


Could someone tell me how to force the BDE to release previous records
in a select context ?

I've made the following test with Delphi 3 and 5 :
i want to fetch all the records from a large table (700000 record of 1
Ko ) in
order to make a CSV file

When i'm using a Paradoxe database... this operation need less than 1
Mo of memory...
With Interbase i have to enlarge the swap file till 600 Mo (I've 256
Mo RAM )

Could somebody tell me how to use APIs of the BDE in order to force it
to have only the current record in memory when I'm using Interbase.

I know there is a flag to do this but i don't know how to set it...

I would be very pleased to have some light on this subject

Xavier Serrand,

Sun, 18 Apr 2004 06:45:58 GMT
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