Replication of Access 97 with VB5 dao questions 
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 Replication of Access 97 with VB5 dao questions

To all that are willing to lend a helping hand.

I have been programming in VB for a while, mostly small applications and
replication doesn't seem to have all the documentation in a
practical/running format to review.  A great deal of the information relies
on using the replication manager in the ODE 97 CD, but this isn't quite
practical for me.

Would anyone who has developed a application to synchronize access 97 using
dao in dial-up network environment be willing to exchange notes with me.

Basic frame work of Project.

Client has a program that is VB using a Access 97 database.  The database is
a full replication.  The size of the database varies from 50 to 170 megs in
maximum size, with a weekly input of new data is 2 to 7 megs of new input.
The user will decide what day/time of week to receive new data.  The primary
replica will receive new data from only a few clients.  The databases will
be separated by client and maintained separately.


1.  Indirect synchronization is only possible in a Net situation using MS
2. What flags indicate if the synchronization is completed or failed and how
can you recover from the failure.
3. RAS - what common problems can I expect.

I have many more, but want to start out on a solid footing.

Thank you in advance for all you help and advice.


Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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