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 Fast way to import i

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 SES> I had to write a small program that would take a text file and
 SES> convert it to an Access database.  The program creates a new database,
 SES> then Line Inputs the text file, adding the data to the Access database
 SES> along the way.
 SES> Is there a faster way to import a text file?  Do VB have some sort
 SES> of import function that I don't know about?  Even the VB Knowledge Base
 SES> tells you to do it this way.

 SES> All in all, 8 seconds vs. 8 minutes is ridiulous.  

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Hello Scott,
I don't know how to invoke this from VB, but in ACCESS BASIC there is a
faster way.
First, you create an import specification in ACCESS. This is a definition,
what field uses which bytes of an import record.
Then you call a function:

   DoCmd TransferText A_IMPORTFIXED, strImportSpec, strTable, strFile

where A_IMPORTFIXED is a keyword for fixed length
      strImportSpec is the name of your specification
      strTable is the name of your table
      strFile is the name of the file with the data you want to import

Hope this is of any use for you...


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Sat, 18 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT
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