peculiar problem in VC++ app. 
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 peculiar problem in VC++ app.

Hi All,

          I have a peculiar problem in my VC++ program. I'm using
VC++6.0 and connecting to Oracle 8.1.5

          When i'm creating a recordset its created in the first
time.But when i close the recordset and open it once it gives access
violation error and hanged the program.

          The query used to open is "SELECT * FROM TAB_NAME". Then i
changed the query into 'SELECT * FROM TAB_NAME WHERE ROWNUM = 1'. Now
Its working,but not  when clicking the  exe from NT explorer. It works
when running the exe from the VC++ IDE with CTRL+F5 buttons pressed..

          I have no idea why this is happening ?

       If anybody have any solution pl. mail me as early as possible.

Thanks in Advance

Fri, 31 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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