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 Can this be Done?

I'm updating an old Turbo-Basic app that generates a manufacturing code
used in the various assembly stages.

The completed part has up to 15 modifiers with each modifier having between
2 and 30 options. One example I ran through had over 1 billion

The current program presents the modifier options in a top-down sequence,
loading the next applicable modifier database until all selections are made.
The program works fairly well but it would be a lot more flexible and
powerful if
it wasn't limited to the sequential selection method.

For example: the fifth level modifier is Trim. Trim options are Brass,
Stainless, Copper, etc.
The program requires you to select one of these options even if it's not
important to the user
possibly even limiting you to a less suitable modifier lower down on the
selection 'tree'.

Any ideas, tips or hints are greatly appreciated

Andrew Scott

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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