RTF writing to an Oracle database 
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 RTF writing to an Oracle database

I am trying to write an RTF file directly to the database rather than to the
file system via a browser. The intention is that a java applet is created to
allow users to open and edit their documents in RTF. This java applet will
interface with a servlet that controls the writes to the database (Oracle
8.0.5). It is envisaged that the documents are stored as CLOBs (Character
Long OBjects).

I have been exploring the RTFEditorKit and SWING to implement the java
applet interface but I am unsure how the applet interfaces with the servlet;
and how the servlet controls these writes. In addition, I have seen the
RTFEditorKit implemented as an application but not as an applet. Is it
possible to implement the RTFEditorKit classes as an applet?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


John Holliday


Sat, 13 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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