Age of a person 
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 Age of a person

Calculating the age of a person by subtracting their birthdate from the
current date might -not- in fact produce the correct result, due to the
way that leap-years fall.

You should decompose today's date and the birthdate into component parts
and compute the answer in the traditional way:

        { I'm writing this extemporaneously - probably won't compile. }
        DecodeDate(birthDate, birthMo, birthDa, birthYr);
        DecodeDate(date,      thisMo, thisDa, thisYr);

        result := (thisYr - birthYr);
        if (birthMo < thisMo)
           or ((birthMo = thisMo) and (birthDa <= thisDa))
        then inc(result);

This is a literal and straightforward implementation of "how people do

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