(Performance Issue) Inserting records in Access Database using VB 
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 (Performance Issue) Inserting records in Access Database using VB

What is the faster way of inserting records into an Access database (MS
Access 2000) using VB.
Right now I am using a disconnected recordset and inserting into another
access database, by firing INSERT SQL statement.
So in short I populate a disconneted recordset from a table from Master.mdb
and want to insert the whole table into Slave.mdb. Right now for doing this
I am using INSERT SQL to do this using ADO connection object and ADO
Is there a faster way of doing this task.
If anyone knows please do let me know, it will be highly appreciated.


Mon, 20 Oct 2003 01:08:13 GMT
 (Performance Issue) Inserting records in Access Database using VB

Take a look at

"INSERT INTO TestCities IN 'D:\Temp\Database.mdb SELECT City, State,
Latitude, Longitude FROM Cities"

"SELECT * FROM Cities INTO OUTFILE 'D:\Temp\Database.mdb'"

"INSERT INTO TestCities SELECT * FROM Cities IN... "

If both tables are in the same database just use


Mon, 20 Oct 2003 02:19:49 GMT
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