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 IDAPI32.CGF question

We're developing a program using paradox files which will be used
over a network. There are other paradox based program on several
workstations that are not network based. Is there a way to configure the
DBE to run a specific configuration for an individual program? We want
to be able to set teh NetDir parameter for our program to the root of
the network drive (for file/database sharing) wihtout affecting the
NetDir of other programs. There is another paradox based program that is
on a different network drive (security access purposes) and we need to
be able to adjust the location of accordingly.
   I figure this would be in the IDAPI.32CFG (D3), but am not sure how
to set up a private CFG file for a program (if possible). Any help would
be greatly appreciated!

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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