delete... Delphi/Oracle drivers bug ? 
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 delete... Delphi/Oracle drivers bug ?

Hello !

I use Delphi 3 CS and Oracle 7.3 (native drivers).
I have a UpdateSQL wich has a delete SQL statement like that :

delete from MyTable
  ID = :OLD_ID and
  ID_CTR = rpad(:OLD_ID_CTR, 4, ' ') and

When only one row has to be deleted, all is going right...
But when more that one row have to be deleted, Delphi send an error
mesage as if the operation was not complete :
  Project Stuff.exe raised exception class EDataBaseError with message
"Update Failed"...
Nevertheless, when I look at the table (with sqlplus), I can see that
the rows have been deleted...

Any Idees ?

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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