Delphi 3 DB Aware Components Making BDE Function Calls 
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 Delphi 3 DB Aware Components Making BDE Function Calls

In prior versions of Delphi if you needed to make a component Data Aware
you would add a DataLink Property to your component, and if you needed to
make a BDE function call you could provide the appropriate BDE Handle
information from the DataSet property of the DataSource property of the
DataLink (DataLink.DataSource.DataSet.Handle) but now the BDE functionality
has been moved to BDEDataSet and DBDataSet.  What I need to know is how can
you access this Handle Property in Delphi 3 in a way that is similar enough
to the old way to make the code changes need for it to run on Delphi 1,2
and 3 minor.
FDataLink: TFieldDataLink;
  cP: CurProps;

David Bennett

Sun, 14 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT
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