ado recordset library 
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 ado recordset library

    i want to pass a recordset from a data access component through the
business logic components to my user interface components.  can i reference
the recordset library in the user interface and the business logic
components as they appear to be a stripped down version of the activex data
object library.  This way i can reference the activex data object library in
the data access components and and access the recordset library in the other
components reducing memory overhead.

Does this sound like a good idea or even possible?

Thanks in advance

Tim B

Sun, 27 Jun 2004 00:20:52 GMT
 ado recordset library

Yes, you can do what you're asking. What you want is a disconnected
recordset. See the following Knowledge Base article for more information:

Q190717: INFO: Disconnected Recordsets with ADO or RDS

Steven Bras, MCSD
Microsoft Developer Support/Visual Basic WebData

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Mon, 28 Jun 2004 02:48:00 GMT
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