Watcom and temp files 
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 Watcom and temp files

I am using VB3 pro and a Watcom SQL database.

My application reads text files, loads
their information into the database, then
runs reports on the loaded data.  During the
report run (a series of very intensive SQL
calls), I have noticed that a temporary file
is written to the temp directory.  The file is about
34K, binary data.  Does anyone know if Watcom
is doing this, or knows of any reason this might
be happening?

The queries for the reports are highly intensive,
and quite numerous.  My test file is only two lines
of data, and the report takes about a minute to run.

Actual data will be multiple files, each approximately
64K, and will probably take about 8 hours to run (Our
Unix version of this application takes 4-6 hours
to run the reports, and I know this will be slower)
  I don't want to fill up drives with these temp files!

Any help would be appreciated, please reply both to email
and newsgroup.

Ruth Ann Davis

/* Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my
employer */

Sun, 05 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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