ADO recordset filter using wildcards - results in error 3001 
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 ADO recordset filter using wildcards - results in error 3001

I'm getting error 3001 when my ADO recordset objects tries
to filter on:

rsObject.Filter = "NOT (Process LIKE 'DIV%' AND Process
LIKE'EMP%' AND Process LIKE 'CSH%') "

I have tried various combination of the wildcard search,
but still the same error. I want to avoid having to
explicitely exclude their value, ie. using Process
<> "DIV1" and Process <> "DIV2", etc.  to help
maintenability as this will result in  lines and lines of

Let me know if there' a work around or something. Thanks.


Fri, 19 Dec 2003 12:35:20 GMT
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