D2, IB-cs application problem 
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 D2, IB-cs application problem

Hi, I've developed an application using Delphi 2.0 and Interbase db in a
client server environment.  All workstations using the application have
Windows 95 and MS Office 97.  The Network is Windows NT v.3.51.  The
application works fine, except now and then and on random workstations, it
either is tiresomely slow or on loading the system, it just does'nt load.
Are there any known problems with conflicts with a MS Office product (eg.MS
Schedule+ or MS Mail) or does anyone have advice as to how to narrow the
problem down a bit or things I can do to find out exactly what the problem

Thanks in anticipation
Christa Geertsema

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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