SQL and Table names with dots 
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 SQL and Table names with dots

I am developing an application which accesses Foxpro (*.dbf) files.  I can
open these tables directly using the Jet engine and the standard syntax.

My problem is that my table names contain a 'dot'.  ie. employee.dbf,
jobcodes.dbf, etc.  When I try to use an SQL Statement to retreive some
data, the Jet engine sees the dots as a seperator for 'Tablename.Field'.

The documentation states to use square brackets ([ ]) if the tablename
contains punctuation, but this is not working.  It still seems to 'see' the

I was unable to find any help on commands that would allow an 'alias' for my

As a workaround, I attatch the tables to a Access Database, where I can
define an attachment name and then everything is ok.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this using the *.dbf files directly?

Thanks in advance.
Gene Oshinsky
POSNET Computers

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Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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