Post-problems with TQuery 
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 Post-problems with TQuery

Configuration: Delphi5 --> Session-->Native driver --> Oracal SQL-Server

Hi people,

I've a TQuery-Componente with CachedUpdates=false and a form for editing.
When I edit a field ( with a TDBEdit) I can post it with the
TDBNavigator-Buttons. Then I don't change the cursor-position and I'm
editing a second time the same record, but when I'm posting it the second
time I get an error that another user has locked this record.
I found a solution, but it is not a good one. My solution is to change the
cursor-position after the first posting and then return to the record. This
is only possible with the TDBNavigator. The methods Prior or Next do not

Has someone a better solution for me?

Thanks for help

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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