HELP ADO and ADOX timing problems :-( 
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 HELP ADO and ADOX timing problems :-(

I'm having some trouble with ADO and ADOX and timing. I'm trying to
create fields runtime and then to write to the
table with the new fields. I'm using the BeginTrans and CommitTrans of
my ADODB.Connection object.
When I make a new column in my table everything seems to go ok. if I
then wait for about 6 seconds I can also Write
and read to and from the new field in my table, but if I don't wait for
6 seconds after i recieve the
db_CommitTransComplete event i get an error saying that the Table
doesn't exist !!? ##"#""#!! grr.

I'm Running VB 6.0 SP3 with an Access97 Database.

My code looks something like this:  (I have only copy/pasted some of it)

Dim WithEvents db As ADODB.Connection
Public cat As adox.Catalog
Public tbl As adox.Table
Public bolTransComitted As Boolean
Public Sub auxCreateAColumn(TableName As String, ColumnName As String,
AsDataType As String, allowNull As Boolean)

    Dim myCol As New adox.Column


        myCol.Name = ColumnName
        If allowNull Then myCol.Attributes = adColNullable
        myCol.Type = AsDataType

        cat.Tables(TableName).Columns.Append myCol

        Set myCol = Nothing

    While bolTransComitted = False 'In the event hadler for
     'I set the Boolean to true. Now i Wait for it to be True.
        Sleep (100)

End Sub

'The above works just fine

'After this I Try to open a recordset with the table

Dim tblAuxCondition As ADODB.Recordset
Set tblAuxCondition = New ADODB.Recordset

tblAuxCondition.Open "SELECT * FROM AuxCondition", db, adOpenDynamic,

Here I sometimes get an Error saying that the table does not exist, or
later on when I try to write to the newly added field I get an error
saying that the field does not exist. If I wait for about 6 seconds or
more from I have created the field and until i Write to it everytihing
works just fine. If I'm just waiting for 100 msec I always get an error.

Now...Am I using the ADOX in a wrong way ? Is there any other way to
know when a field has been added to the database instead of using the
db_CommitTransComplete event ??

I hope someone can help me.

Best Regards Lars Iversen

Fri, 25 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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