help - Need to export ADO recordset 
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 help - Need to export ADO recordset

I need to save my ADO recordset to a file that can be "automatically"
opened in Lotus Approach.  Using the ADO GetString method, I can easily
output my ADO recordset into a delimited ascii file.

I can open the ascii file in Lotus 123 as follows:
  'launch Lotus 123 and pass it the ascii text filename
  dblMyAppID = Shell("c:\lotus\123\123w.exe c:\data.txt", 1)
  AppActivate dblMyAppID

I can do the same with Lotus Approach and a .dbf file:
  'launch Lotus Approach and pass it the dbf filename
  dblMyAppID = Shell("c:\lotus\approach\approach.exe c:\data.dbf", 1)
  AppActivate dblMyAppID

If I pass the .txt file to Approach, the import wizard starts,
prompting the user to make decisions.  My superviser wants this step
completely automated.  I need a means of outputting my ADO recordset
into a DBF file, OR a means of translating the ascii to DBF format.

This is what I've tried, (for several hours):
1) I found a dll at that outputs an ADO recordset to
DBF format.  Takes about 2 minutes to output 4500 records.  There must
be a quicker solution.

2) I found several references to the DBF/xbase file structure.  I guess
that I can iterate through my recordset and create the DBF file
myself???  I don't know if this is practical.  Honestly, it seems a
little over my head.  Maybe it's easier than I realize.

3) If you haven't noticed, this is a Lotus shop.  All users have Lotus
123.  I've just started to play with OLE automation, thinking that I
can quietly open the file in 123 and perform a "save as" to save the
file in DBF format.

4) I've seen some examples that show DAO or ADO w/Jet 4.0 Provider
opening a Jet "friendly" file and saving into another Jet "friendly"
file format.  (FYI, Robert Smith has some great info on this at
http://www.***.com/ )  This doesn't work for me
because the source is not Jet "friendly", it is IBM DB2 UDB v5.2.  If I
could use the ADO Jet 4.0 Provider to open the ascii file, I think I
would have a solution.  I don't think this is possible.

All suggestions will be most appreciated.


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Sat, 13 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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