Combo Box value and width problems in VBA 
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 Combo Box value and width problems in VBA

Hi All,
           I have some problems in combo box using VBA. I did a
posting before but didn't have much of a luck.. PLEASE  HELP !!!

My problems

1 When user selects a particular entry in combo box  the value doesn't
 FILL /  DISPLAY in the combo box , but it gets saved in correct

2 I want to set the fixed column widths for the combo box. I tried
olumncount,  columnwidths but nothing seems to work.

I'm really desperate here and any help on this would be greatly


- Jeana -

My Codes ..


'-- Open the Record Set .

Active connection here is   M2MConnect

  Set M2MDBTable = New ADODB.RecordSet

  M2MDBTable.Open " Select fsalespn as Territory,flastname as
Company,fsalcompct ComRate from Slspns", M2MConnect, adOpenStatic,

 '-- Define the properties in Combo box

  With loSOItem.CboFSSalesPn
    .Top = 153
    .Left = 210
    .Width = 45
    .Controlsource = "Sorels.FSSalesPn"
    .Visible = True
  End With

 '-- Populate the Combo Box

 Do Until M2MDBTable.EOF

   '-- Add rows one at a time with 3 columns..

   loSOItem.CboFSSalesPn.Additem _
     M2MDBTable.Fields("Territory").Value _
     & "  " & M2MDBTable.Fields("Company").Value _
     & "  " & M2MDBTable.Fields("ComRate").Value

   '-- Move to next record


 '--- Close The Connection and record set

 Set M2MDBTable = Nothing
 Set M2MConnect = Nothing


Sun, 27 Jun 2004 02:14:32 GMT
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