Moving data between tables -is there a "more elegant" way? 
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 Moving data between tables -is there a "more elegant" way?


I'm a relative new-comer to VB5, having come in from the C++ side of town
(I'm enjoying this VB, though, and look forward to becoming better versed in
the language).  :-)  I have a question regarding the movement of data from
fields in one table within a database to fields in another table, same
database:  Is there a way to do this which involves much less hassle than
the way I'm currently doing it?  Here's how the current source code is
written:  1) Query is performed on table1; record is found.  2) Record is
transferred to a temp variable.  3) Table2 is accessed with temp variable
quantity being transferred to table2 field.  4) Update completes the

This seems a might bit tedious, having data passed through a variable,
albeit for such a simple action.  :-)  Still, this seems sort of drawn out
and complex.  My predecessor wrote the source code, and I'm trying to
streamline and simplify it.  Hopefully, by the time this gets read, I will
have found a solution from one of the books I've been scouring.  Most of the
books on VB5 are sort of ambiguous, BTW, when it comes to databases and
handling data transactions, specifically.  Any help would be greatly

Please e-mail me if you have a better way.  Thanks in advance!

-Bill (VB convert)  :-)

Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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