Performance Problems on DB2/BDE ! 
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 Performance Problems on DB2/BDE !


At the moment I have problems with the performance by using a DB2 server
in combination with Delphi BDE (version 4.51).


Fact: If I use one NT process instance, 6 transactions are handled per
by the DB2-Server.

Process: This NT process (handle database transactions) is reading a
(upload) table,
inserting a record in another table, creating a new record in
another table (transaction table), updating this last record and
insert a record in a (download) table if necessary.

If I start a second NT process, local on the same machine where the
DB2-server is located, there will be 3 transactions handled per second per
NT process.

It looks that all transaction are handled sequentieel in the DB2-Server.
The database transactions don't have dependencies.
They are in different (upload) tables, use different records and are ONLY
in the same (transaction) table but as a different transaction record.

The whole process of handling one transaction is done as one database
I'm using as Isolation Level for DB2, tiReadCommitted.

This level permits reading or committed (permanent) changes made to the
database by other simultaneous database transactions.

Question: What do I need to change to handle transaction PARALLEL in the
so that if I start another NT process the performance will increase inplace
of decrease ?

What do I miss ?


Bernard Stibbe

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT
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